Water Sports Events & Activities in UK

The United Kingdom offers a wide range of outdoor activities throughout the year. The warmer months are generally the best time for most water sports and activities. Outdoor activity centres located across the country provide great opportunities for visitors to enjoy nature and the outdoors with a wide range of accommodations and amenities available. Outdoor lovers have a dazzling variety of sports and activities to enjoy in all parts of the country. If you feel extra adventurous, you can even camp out in the area for the weekend. Just bring your survival gear and camping equipment, and you’re ready to go. Whether you enjoy rafting, sailing or surfing, you can find great opportunities usually within easy travelling distance. Also a great place for those who love sports and outdoor photography. If you’re looking to take stunning sports images that you can print into posters then here is your chance to capture those great moments. Lodging and B&B’s are in abundance in the surrounding areas for short term travellers. Student accommodation and housing are available for those who are planning to spend their spring break near the coast.

Some examples of possible water-based activities include:

Scuba diving – PADI classes for scuba diving are widely available throughout the UK.
Kite surfing – A fun activity for teens and adults that involves surfing over the water propelled by a kite!
Swimming – Swimming is available year around either in indoor pools or at outdoor beaches and sites during the warmer periods of the year.
Surfing – Although not generally thought of as a surfing country, the UK has some excellent surfing locations including Watergate Bay in Cornwall and Pease Bay in Scotland.
Bodyboarding – Not everyone has the balance required for conventional surfing, so the next best thing is bodyboarding. You can enjoy the waves just as much, and this sport is much easier to learn than regular surfing.
Paddle boarding – Paddle boarding offers a great way to explore coastlines, bays, estuaries and rivers.
Sailing – Sailing opportunities can vary from dinghy sailing and windsurfing to advanced seamanship on large yachts.
Water rafting – A great way to explore and enjoy rivers and streams. Whitewater rafting is an option for those looking for excitement and adventure.
Boating – Whether you rent or charter a boat, or you own your own, there are many great waterways throughout the UK for boating activities.
Banana ride – A banana boat provides a fun way to enjoy the sea waves as groups travel together at varying speeds.
Dragonboat racing – If you love physical challenges, then dragonboat racing may be just the sport for you. The paddlers must have excellent conditioning, endurance, timing and precision. The key to success in paddling in time with your teammates as you dash toward the finish line.
Water skiing and wakeboarding – An alternative to surfing when waves are not available, skiing and wakeboarding require a boat to pull you at high speeds through the sea or lake.
Jet skiing – Jet skis offer a fast and thrilling way to enjoy the sea without getting too wet.
Fishing – Great spots for fly fishing, saltwater fishing and other types of angling exist in the country’s lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and marine areas.

Many special events occur throughout the year in different locations. A few examples of popular water activity events include:

Premier Slalom Competition – Held in March at the National White Water Centre in Snowdonia National Park, North Wales. The white water races occur on the River Tyrweryn from the Ski Slope to the Centre.
The Queenford Relays – Held at the Queenford Lakes Watersports Park in September, this is a 4 x 1km swimming relay and team pursuit event.
Carping4Charity – An annual fishing event held to help local charities. Contestants fish for carp to win big prizes while raising money for a good cause.